5 May 2014

May's Without Words Challenge

Hiya, yep I am still around,
 a little croaky and in need of a battery re-charge.......

but enough of that, you are here to see art aren't you and I hope you will not be disappointed with this months
Without Words Challenge

"Pink and or purple with green"

Another one for the girlies.....I must get some masculine cards done, after all, the ladies are outnumbered in my family by the male of the species!

Please post your entries HERE for your chance to win 
a £10 voucher from

Fingers crossed this bug is on it's way out and I can finally get back to crafting and blogging with a little bit of help from my furry friend

She's a cheeky little monkey, has learnt to climb stairs (help), barks for England and is attempting to dig her way to Australia (my poor lawn) oh and we've just passed our Bronze Dog Training Award!

Thanks for dropping by