2 December 2010

Christmas cards 4

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, I'm fed up of feeling cold & needing a wooly hat!!!" 

I know snow & ice are very festive, but I do wish it would warm up a smidge, just for a few days - pretty please!

Ever wondered how they get the stripes on candy canes?

Card - Dustin Pike Christmas Elf

..... well now you know!!! 

I don't know about you, but I personally prefer chocolate decorations on my tree - and I chuckle to myself every year when I put them on, why you may ask, well,  it always brings back memories of my childhood & our cat Tibby.  She decided to investigate the chocolate decorations at the base of the tree one year - we found little teeth marks in them to prove it!!!! Thankfully, she didn't eat them as human chocolate is not meant for pets, and I guess the tin foil wrapper did to her teeth what it does to ours.

It wouldn't be Christmas without the cards, my first one arrived in the post yesterday so I guess I'd better get stamps on all mine & mail them in the next few days. 

Talking of cards, I've used Dustin Pike images on alot of mine this year, his characters are so much fun & I hope that they'll make people smile - its what Christmas is all about after all.  Here are the details for the one today: 

Image: Dustin Pike Christmas Elf
Paper: from stash (Papermania I think)
Colouring: Copics, Chalk Ink

Ooh, all this talk of chocolate reminds me, I've got to go open the door for day 2 on my Advent Calendar - yummy - great way to start the day - and a valid excuse to eat choccy hehehehe!!!

Aiming to be back tomorrow with yet another Christmas creation.

Happy Crafting

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