10 January 2011

A Pirates life for me!

My goodness, where have the last 9 days gone, so much for my blogging resolution!!!
I may not have been blogging but I have been crafting so I will have items to share but atleast I am keeping to my other new year aims - I'm currently teaching myself how to use Word properly, much to my son's amusement!  Hopefully, I won't break my laptop this time - some of you may know I had a slight accident whilst teaching myself Blogger basics, got a page of the Blogger Guide for Dummies caught under a key on my keyboard which then promptly flew across the room - heard all the "Dummy" jokes that week!!!  You don't realise how much you use the letter "i" until the key breaks!!! 

Oh and darling son is taking his mocks this week and next - please send good luck his way, he's been revising like mad & I hope it's paid off.  He does like to test me though, yesterday afternoon he came down stairs looking as white as a sheet, school blazer in hand.  Not until he turned it around did I see 2 large white smears of glue or paint across the back of his jet black blazer!!!!
Shocked 1
Once I'd got over the initial shock my brain got to work trying to think how on earth I was going to get this stuff off without making the smears worse or damaging the blazer.  The answer was Copic cleaner, kitchen towel & packing tape - still not sure what the stuff was but about 45 mins of work paid off & unless you look really closely you'd never know it had been there.  Thank goodness he found it last night - can you imagine the panic if he'd handed it to me this morning!!!!  

Now I normally use the cleaner for my pens and fingers (yep I still get inky fingers) - talking of my infamous inky fingers, I'm guessing you've logged on to see crafty creations not read my bloggy waffle so here you are..........
Card - Dustin Pike Pirate Parrot
This card does to me what I intend it to do for it's eventual recipient - "smile" -  To know that something you've taken time to create makes someone smile is the best reward an artist can get in my book!
And for the myopic ones amongst us ( I give moles a run for their money these days) a close up view of the the parrot..............
and yes Ros a colour list too...............................

You'll laugh, I had my new organised system all planned, when I've used a particular Copic pen I put it in the mug so I can take a piccy when I'm done (kept losing the list when I merely wrote the codes down) - that was fine until I did a more detailed project & they wouldn't all fit in the mug, now there's a pink box permanently on my desk awaiting the Copics of the day - so in theory, I should, brain permitting be able to provide a colour list each time.

Hopefully you'll also start to notice an improvement in my photography, the big piccie was taken with my new Panasonic G2 - the latter 2 were done with the old camera and are a tad greyer - it's early days but the results so far have been pretty good.

Oops nearly forgot the materials list:
Image: Dustin Pike
Paper: Life's Journey by K & Company, cardstock from stash
Colouring: Copics & Prismacolor blended with Zest-it
Additional: Marianne D Creatables dies, Nestabilities, Magnolia Doo Hickey, Emery board for distressing

Well that's all for now folks, will blog again soon


Charlie said...

What a fun and cute card and as always perfect colouring. ANd now you even made a system to keep track of the pens you have used - gee I am amazed beyound belief. LOL =0) Thanks for sharing and Happy 2011 to you

Househund said...

Way to go Jane. I love Dustin's image of the parrot and you've certainly done it justice with your colouring yet again.
And what's this... even the copic colourslol.
Not just an Illustrator Jane... quite the card maker to :o)
Another Winner!

Jane said...

Why, thankee kindly ladies!

Shar said...

Adorable, Jane! I love the idea of the pens in the mug....I never remember to write down colors I use either. LOL


Dawn said...

Jane, did you use both colored pencils and copic markers to color this image?

Jane said...

Prismacolor was just used on the background - it's quicker than airbrushing but no way near as much fun!!

Jane said...

If memory serves me well as I did this card back in late Nov early Dec I coloured the background with a pale blue Copic & then experimented with adding a small hint of Prismacolor on top - none were used to do the wooden planks - that's purely Copics.

Bernadette said...

Bird Bird Bird..says our little devil. I love the details.

Good Luck Ben on your mocks and please stop scaring your mom:P