4 February 2011

Where your heart is.......

February - what does it mean to you?  The 14th of course is St Valentines day - as if any of us could miss the fact - teddies, chocolates, red roses and more hearts than you can throw a stick at are everywhere at the moment!!!!! 
                                                                       Valentine paper cutout

So it got me thinking, what makes my heart "smile" - first and foremost, my husband and son, without whom my life would feel so empty.

Then I guess comes creativity - whether it be painting, drawing, sewing or stamping.............you name it - "art" in any shape or form simply makes me tick.


I get that warm, fuzzy feeling when I'm painting watercolours, die-cutting & digi stamping 

 I'd love to hear what makes your hearts smile  Goofy Heart


Househund said...

Like you Jane My husband and daughter.
Basset Hounds...
Lots of Laughter
and a Big SMILE
and of course Craft.. but that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Nice Jane!!! I just love those water colors images..Those are looking nice.
Thanks for this great post.
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