22 May 2011

Time for a Pikes Playground Challenge

Okay dokey peeps, time for another challenge over at Dustin Pikes Playground!!

"Shades of Green"
(Anything goes as long as it's GREEN)

Yep, I know, it's got red in it too.  See, the thing is the Gnome got a bit testy and decided to wear his stripy sweater and insisted that his hat be red to match!
Gnomes can be so fiesty!!!

Anyway, I hope this little creation inspires you to have a go and enter our competition, you have until next Sunday to get it done, and everyone earns Pikes Points just for entering (Full details here)

Looking forward to visiting your blogs to see just how "green" you're prepared to go!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is really nice Jane!! I've seen your all post.. you've done your best. I just love this dragon and the green color background.
Thanks for this lovely card.web design outsource

Househund said...

I love dragon.. and you've done a great job with this one.
I must say that being welsh ... all dragons should be RED hahahah
He's Fab Jane.

Jane said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave a message - it really does make my day!!

You know what Ros, I seem to have it engrained in my brain to pick up the greens every time I colour Dudley - maybe next time I'll have to "paint him red" just for you!!!

Dania said...

So cute Jane. I bet your ears were ringing today. I was telling my girlfriend all about your creations. She wants me to send her the link to the blog. :)

Dawn said...

Beautiful card Jane. Can you post links to your new cards on FB? I always look for them... :)

Lee Mae said...

I love Dudley and your card is so cute with him and the rascally gnome!

Spyder said...

I agree, seeing he's a man gnome, they always have red hats, but the ladies have green....Lovely card and fab colouring!

Denni said...

I love your eye for shading - always perfect! I'm green with envy ;)