19 August 2011

Graphite, Arches Aquarelle and me..........

Before I started stamping just over a year a go I was working primarily with die cuts and as many of you know 'cause I witter on about it, prior to that I was painting portraits.

Well, here is something that I started about 5 years ago (hanging my head in shame) and as you can clearly see it's not finished!!

Click for close up view

I decided to experiment with some of my beloved Arches Aquarelle NOT watercolour paper, drawing on it rather than painting - a challenge to say the least.  The vast majority of my pencil work has always been done on cartridge paper and this behaves very differently.

Watercolour paper comes in 3 types:
ROUGH - Course surface
NOT - Moderate texture & most commonly used for watercolour.
HP (Hot Pressed) - Relatively smooth and great with pen and ink work.

In hindsight, HP would have been the wise choice, but I didn't have any and as you can clearly see from my sketch the bumpy surface affects the pencil, and it smudges like crazy - once completed I've got some serious clean-up to do and will have to spray it with fixative to prevent further smudges.

Why am I showing you this unfinished piece - simple, procrastination!!
I've come up with awesome excuses for myself as to why the poor boy still only has half a sweater and I'm hoping that by posting this I will be somehow compelled to finally finish him.


Househund said...

I quite like the comparison between finished and unfinished.

What I would give to be able to draw like that.

Jane said...

Ha ha, me too at the moment Ros!

I am afraid that if I don't focus I will always be able to see where the old work stops and the new starts!!

Guess I will just have to be brave and bite the bullet - poor lad must be getting chilly!!!

Amanda said...

Wow this is amazing, it feels like he is looking straight at you, I like it part finished shows that it is a drawing rather than a photo.

Dawn said...

This is just incredible. I have to say it is fine the way it is. Sorry for not helping to push you to finish what you feel needs completion but I rather like it the way it is now.

The man in the photo would be awed by this I am sure.


Dorcas said...

Looks finished to me! This is AWESOME Jane!!!

Denni said...

I actually like the rougher paper texture and the "work in progress" kind of look - I say just frame it as is!

Your talent is amazing!!

Rikki Holley said...

WOW you are a superb artist. Why oh why did you stop ??
Do you do commissions???

Jane said...

Do I do commissions, yes. Although I have to confess, it's been a while ♥

Househund said...

Commissions .... What about STAMPS OR DIGI IMAGES!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Hot damn!! I used to..... no, stop. How can you have the talent to draw like that and be happy not doing it anymore? Is it not financially viable as a career? Please think about sharing your doodles.

Alina said...

this is awesome, Jane!
hugs, Alina

Julie's Blog said...

I know ... it seems like I'm stalking you lol but I just found this browsing through your blog and it is beyond words fantastic. What an amazing artistic talent you have ... this is just like looking at a photo and you have captured the essence of Elijah Wood perfectly. Brilliant! Julie

Lisa T said...

Wow, that is amazing. You are so talented!

kepsss said...

Hmmm... First thought - damn Jane ... Second thought, damn gorgeous... Third thought - smudges? Really? Only you see them. He's just beautiful, Jane.

Joanne MacKenzie said...

You're very talented. Could you share some of your excuses? I could use some new ones for my unfinished projects. 😁