1 August 2011

Hanging around for Christmas....

I am working with Copics too, honest, but pencil is really my number one medium of choice, I've used them since I was a teenager (ie a long time, in fact a frighteningly long time!!) and working on Kraft card just makes the colours zing!!

 That said, I have just bought some fab new white card especially for my pencils which I will be testing out this week.

Remember Little Elf Mim by Mo Manning from a few posts ago, well here is her friend Pipa, unfortunately the poor gal lost her balance and ended up upside down, but hey, she's still smiling!

As before I've coloured her using Caran D'Ache Supracolor Soft (love these pencils, especially for the detail work) and Prismacolor on Kraft card.

More of Mo's amazing creations can be found HERE

Well, yours truly is off to test that cardstock, play with my Copics before they get testy with me through lack of use and grab a coffee (and sneak a biscuit sshh) - guess that's what they call "multi-tasking"

Happy Crafting


angelwhispers said...

Jane this little lady is just such a darling and your coluring well I'm just green with envy what talent you have!!! Love it Chanelle xxx

Alina said...

Jane, your colouring is out of this world, you´re so good with pencils! my compliments!
hugs, Alina

Joey said...

WOW Jane this is stunning, you have amazing detail in your colouring. Joey x

Househund said...

Lost her balance, I thought she had been sampling the spirits of Christmas.
Really love the results you are getting with the Kraft card.. and that's an understatement!

Looking forward to your test results.

Ps how Roo?

Jane said...

For those of you who don't know Roo is my pet Westie and she's had an operation to remove a lump under her ear. She's currently sporting a very chic plastic cone - and a "what did you do this for Mum" expression!
She's doing OK Ros, and hopefully the cone can come off in a couple of days - for which my shins will be eternally grateful!

Dawn said...

amazing details Jane! She looks so 3d!

Pat said...

Oh Jane!! I soooo love this! Your coloring is soooo stunning!! You have such a gift w/pencils. I haven't had a chance to work much w/my pencils lately...but that's near the top of my list for when my hubby is away on a boy's baseball trip! hehehe!! Have fun w/your Copics! I love 'em! Hugs. Pat Frank

Jenée said...

This is absolutely STUNNING! I just colored those two little gals, and after seeing your work, I want to throw mine away (smile). I am in awe of your beautiful work!

Jane said...

Oh please don't do that Jenee, I am sure your work is beautiful ♥♥♥

Pat said...

Hey Jane...stunning, darlin'!!! Let me know how the new paperfor colored pencils works! Hugs,
Pat Frank