28 July 2013

Hand Coloured Copic Chart

How many of you use a
Copic Marker
Hand Colour Chart?
From the early days when I only had a few markers it was a progress chart as my collection grew!
But as my box filled and my skill level improved it took on a whole new role.
Now it is my
"Go To Reference Guide"
Colour matching with Designer Papers
and of course
an example of the true colours when colouring/blending

Probably most of you have one of these coloured up already
but if you haven't you can download one from Here

(NB print it on the same card you use for your Copic colouring)

Why am I mentioning this today?
Well for a while now my colour matching has been ....lets just say a bit off.
my hand coloured chart was done after the last release of new colours,
it's been stuck on the wall near my desk and is often bathed in sunlight
and some of the colours have changed without me realising

The chart on the left is the old one
can you see that some of the BV's have gone a tad pink?

Here is my nice new chart

(for some reason the Fluorescents have not scanned well)
(they do zing - I promise)

Oh and if you are wondering what the little tiny pink dots mean......
it is just my way of marking which colours I have refills for!!

So if you have one of these little beauties coloured up already I'd recommend checking it every now and then to make sure the colours are still true.

Crafty Hugs


Gramma said...

Thanks for the chart Jane. Mine is faded out as well. Plus I am following your lead and coloring in the whole block. I may leave the marker ID white tho.


Househund said...

I never pick up my copic's without my chart... so much easier to match up background papers with the copics that way!
Thanks Jane

Kazzie Ice said...

Finding your tutorials and tips very helpful and interesting, so many thanks for them! I went to the download link for the Copics chart, but that page is not available it says, so do you have a newer link please? Thanks in advance! xxx