10 October 2013

Christmas card and some new markers

I read somewhere that we have 11 weeks until Christmas....
So I plan to craft my little socks off today - a reward for 
cleaning windows, frames & dreaded venetian blinds yesterday!
(oh and all the appliances in the kitchen & utility room) 
and will be finishing off the remaining 14 windows and blinds tomorrow!!
Anyway here is another card to add to my
Crimble Card Box
Ah more Copic work I hear you say.......
....err well no it's actually been done with Shinhan Touch Twin Brush Markers!
 I am not abandoning Copics - perish the thought!
They are fantastic markers, give great results,
but they have a very annoying habit (well mine do anyway) 
........the earthtones have a tendancy to go sticky/shiny when building layers of colour.
Up to now my rescue remedy when this happens has been to
cover the offending area using coloured pencils.
Well, for a while now I have been admiring my friend Elaine's work
and she uses Shinhan Touch Twin Brush markers
 so I thought I'd give them a try:
The ink is how can I explain "thinner" than Copic and I found that if I removed the shiny area of Copic with colourless blender I could use the Shinhan whereas if I tried to re-apply Copic it would just sit on the surface of the cardstock again!
But that ability to permeate cardstock when Copic ink goes sticky comes at a price!
The above image is pure Shinhan and both the reds and more surprisingly the yellows bled quite badly.
I also noticed that lighter colours often remove rather than blend with darker shades
but I have been reliably informed "a lighter touch" and adapting my Copic technique to accommodate the ink difference will give better results!
for me
I guess it's a bit like comparing
VW to Rolls Royce
both get you from A to B
just one does it with more refinement
(and costs you considerably more)
.............and what can I say this girl has expensive taste
so I'll be sticking with my beloved
but I will continue to play with the Shinhan and share the results as I learn to adapt my current alcohol marker technique.
Thanks for dropping by


Gramma said...

Looks bloody awful.... just kidding... I can't tell the difference, I can't even see the difference when you use your pencils. I'll just be quiet now and let the pros figure it out. Great card btw.

Lorraine said...

A gorgeous card Jane. I love the tree and so beautifully coloured as always. You could use my daughter half chewed crayons and get fantastic results!
Lorraine x

Donna Mosley said...

Gorgeous card Jane, a very cute image and pretty design.

Donna x

Wishcraft said...

Where did you get the Shinhan markers Jane? I've been wondering about those too - mainly because of the same sticky copic issue, drives me potty! Your colouring looks fabulous, but then it always does. Lovely card :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Jane said...

For Lisa and anyone else interested in these markers they are available in the UK from Jackson's Art Supplies

Househund said...

Love Christmas and your little Christmas Tree is so Cute... but you have a way of making everything look great.
It may just be me but the copic's seem to have a more vibrant, richer colour than the Shinhan....

Of course your boy will be home for Christmas ... and I'm sure he'll have one one hell of a fuss made over him.... Something for you to look forward to xxRosxx

catherine said...

This is beautiful Jane and just love the colours. I have just come across your blog and have become your newest follower. looking forward to visiting again
x catherine

AerynK Designs said...

Glad to hear what you think about the ShinHan markers. I've been curious as well, and enjoyed playing around with them at ComicCon, but I haven't gotten any yet. I've been curious as to what the ShinHan markers and the Copics *together* are like.