26 March 2014

Plodding along

I have in fact finished the image, but as the card is for our
Wedding Anniversary in April I am afraid you will have to wait mwah ha ha!!

In the meantime here is the image as it appeared a few days ago:
As you can see, the camera picks up the sheen on the boys hair and in the final piece I have had to do quite a lot of pencil work in an attempt the lessen the shine!


22 March 2014

Coming along.....slowly

Howdy doody everyone
I have made some progress with my CC Designs image this week

 I can see from the photograph that the Copics have gone a tad shiny on the hair.....a touch of coloured pencil will sort that out. 
Never panic if your work develops an unwelcome sheen.....it can be fixed!

In fact this week has been rather productive, I have managed to get my April DT card done for Without Words.
(I may need to pick dear Squirrel up off the floor when she reads this!)

Have a great weekend!

14 March 2014


Well Pip has kept me very busy this week
not much colouring has been done I am sad to say
but hey, she won't be a puppy forever!!

....and she won't be able to fit under the china cabinet soon either!!

It has been her favourite game this week - she even decided to take Rhubarb her cuddly dog with her!


11 March 2014

A little bit more

Ta da!
It is coming along quite well, if a little slowly!

But hey, an 11 week old cheeky ball of white fluff is a pretty good excuse 
for being a slacker!!

Well, I'm off to see if I can get the rest of her shirt coloured 

8 March 2014

Just a little bit

Good morning

I managed to sneak in a little colouring this week
and Pip is slowly getting used to her playpen so here's hoping over the next few weeks
my crafting/blogging time will steadily increase!

 here is my progress so far:

CC Designs - Funny Faces
Copic & pencil

I thought I'd jump right back in with a "No Lines" and oh boy it is so good to be creating again.

Best be off & sneak in a smidge more colouring
Pip is asleep but due another feed in an hour

Have a great weekend & I promise I will try and fit in a bit of blogging this week and catch up on what 
you guys have been creating whilst I've been puppy training


3 March 2014

Puppy Update


How is everyone?
I know I've been away for a while.
 I've been rather busy Paper Training instead of Paper Crafting!!

But that should change this coming week as a play pen has been installed in my studio
so I can have Pip in with me whilst I work without worrying about her chewing wires, papers or anything else the little monkey can get her teeth into!!

We have managed to puppy proof the other rooms she's allowed in but the studio was proving a real challenge - so we invested in a play pen.

Bye for now
see you later this week