3 March 2014

Puppy Update


How is everyone?
I know I've been away for a while.
 I've been rather busy Paper Training instead of Paper Crafting!!

But that should change this coming week as a play pen has been installed in my studio
so I can have Pip in with me whilst I work without worrying about her chewing wires, papers or anything else the little monkey can get her teeth into!!

We have managed to puppy proof the other rooms she's allowed in but the studio was proving a real challenge - so we invested in a play pen.

Bye for now
see you later this week


Exclusively by Mel said...

That's a fabulous play pen, she looks so cute!
Mel. xx

Irish Cherokee said...

We loveanimals. That little white ball of fur is so cute you just want to sit and play all day I bet. That would make her happy, happy, happy.

Curly said...

He is incredibly adorable, it's difficult to craft when you have such a sweet little fur baby in the house.
Hugs Bridget :) x

Joey said...

awwwww that is so cute!! I need a pen for my kiddies! lol. Joey xx

Sassy Raggedy said...

Thought about you the other day...Pip is adorable...You will have fun with her...Hugs, joann

Denni said...

that face is too sweet! congrats!