1 September 2014

Fires, birthdays and more

Life has been a rollercoaster over the last few of weeks...where shall I start?

Harvest time is a challenge at the best of times
but this year's been a doozy........

Our poor tractor burst into flames whilst waiting at traffic lights.
Thankfully our driver got out unharmed, unfortunately as you can see the tractor was not so lucky!

If you look carefully you will see that the heat was so intense it actually melted a traffic light!

After all that excitement we celebrated our son's 19th Birthday
and I baked this cake 

"Pigs in mud"

(inspired by some very talented bakers online)

 Pip and I passed our Bronze Star Dog Training Award
woo hoo!!!!

Oh and I have managed to sneak a few hours in the studio
so will have some new stuff to share very soon.

Thanks for dropping by
have a great weekend


Gramma said...

Wow! You've been very busy... so sorry about the tractor, are they insured in the UK? Congrats to Pip on her Bronze award. Maggie is still working on her plastic award at the moment. Who knew that we would get the most hard headed Westie on earth when we picked out our little girl. Congrats to Ben and you for that awesome cake!

Donna Mosley said...

Wow! scarey photos Jane, glad everyone is ok. LOVE the yummy cake.

Donna x

Househund said...

On no...What a nightmare few days.
A farm without a tractor!

Your cake is wonderful..would you believe it's the one I have earmarked for my husbands birthday. Your boy is 19 already.. where do the years go. Hope you all had a good day.

So glad that little Pip has done you proud. Hope that she is behaving herself in your craft room.

Delphine said...

What impressive photos!! So scary!! Glad no one was hurt, but what a fright!
Happy Belated Birthday to your son - I think he is very lucky, he has had the best cake ever!!!!!!
And BIG congrats to you and Pip ;)!! BIG hugs Delphine xx

Laine said...

Crumbs Jane, what an eventful few days. Life has really been hectic for you. At least the driver was unharmed. The pictures are so dramatic and really capture the moment. Fabulous cake and many congratulations to Pip.
Take care.

Irish Cherokee said...

Good heavens! Hope all has turned out well in the end. A bit of humour after all of that excitement certainly was needed. That Pigs in mud birthday cake is a blast. - Jim

gmanshk said...

what a cute cake...very talented