13 May 2016

Copic Spring Cleaning

Back in March I had a major tidy up in my art studio!
All stamps, cardstock, blank cards, envelopes and dies are now filed and labelled in beautiful pink boxes.
(what would I do without Really Useful boxes!!!)

Anyway, part of my sort out included my beloved Copic Sketch markers......the inside of the lids and the area around the nibs have been cleaned with Copic Cleaner and squares of kitchen towel.
I'm pretty good at keeping my markers clean, doing the above regularly.
But it was a great opportunity to check all the pens, change a few nibs and refill those that were in need of a little top up!

Have you ever noticed your markers start squeaking whilst colouring, or they don't glide over your cardstock like they used to, well that is their way of telling you they are getting thirsty and need refilling!

Then it was time to check my Copic Colour Chart
You can find a blank chart HERE

I would really recommend you do this at least once a year as some of the Copic colours are not as lightfast as others and do change over time.

As you will see from the charts below........

Note: These charts were scanned and the fluorescents have lost their glow and look a tad pastel!

Here is a list of colours that have changed noticeably in the last year:
     BV0000     BV000     BV00     BV11     BV34     V04     Y28     YG06     YG07     YG13     YG23
          G85     BG15     B32     B63     FV2

If like me you use your colour chart for reference every time you colour might I recommend that you laminate your chart to protect it from spills and marks (the 2015 chart is laminated) 
.......and no, it does not affect the colours - nor does it stop the above colours from changing.
I would recommend that you put on the date it was coloured too.

The eagle eyed amongst you may spot tiny pink dots on the older chart - it is just my method of keeping track of which colours I have refills for!

Now that the markers have been given a health check and a new chart has been coloured it it time to get down to the fun stuff........

Happy Copic Colouring

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Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

Great tips! {Pun intended. LOL} I need to get my tips cleaned and my chart updated too.