14 February 2017

A long time coming........

Oh goodness, way back in November I travelled across the pond to Arizona to go meet my good friend Jennifer Dove and attend her Copic Bootcamp.

I got to see the Grand Canyon, travel through two deserts and caught sight of my first ever Road Runner - although my attempts at photographing the darned thing were abysmal!

I started colouring this stamp (Southwest Mountain - CC Designs) soon after I returned, but things kept getting in the way and it's been hanging around in the studio waiting for me to find the time to finish it.

Ta da - I finally added the last touch of Copics to it on Sunday.  I adore the warm colours and it will forever remind me of my first trip to Jenn's part of the world..........hope you like it.

Sky: B0000, B000
Mountains/Ground: G20, E11, E21, YR30, E40, E41, E42, W00, W0, W1, W2, W4, W6, E00, E13, 
                                 E15, E17. E01, E95, E08
Foliage: YG11, G12, YG13, YG63, YG67, RV14, RV17, Y23, YG99, E97, BG93, BG96, YR30, 
                E41, YG91, YG93                    
Building: E40, E41, E42, E43, W4, W6
Pots: RV10, E04, RV11, E11, W5, E08

Happy Colouring


creatingincolors said...

How beautiful!

Debbie Olson said...

Absolutely fabulous, Jane--so glad that you got to go to Jenn's Boot Camp! I know she must have loved having you there. :-)

Roxy said...

Wow well worth the wait.. This is spectacular!!!! Love your coloring the warm colors make it look so real!

Unknown said...

So very pretty.

Tracy said...

My hubby is from Arizona so this is all very familiar. I've only been there a couple of times to visit his family but have seen lots of what's in your image. Beautifully done Jane. Hugs!

Kirsten said...

Your coloring is absolutely stunning!