20 February 2018


17th March is St Patrick's Day and over at My Favorite Things we are getting crafty with cross-stitch again with an Irish theme.

I decided to go BIG on this one.  I love cross-stitching and wanted a huge canvas to work on.  So I carefully die cut our tag cross-stitch die multiple times, until I had an area 45 crosses square!
To enlarge the grid, you will need some low tack tape to hold the die in place, patience and a smidge of brain power to ensure your grid ends up the right size.  I found it easiest to pop out all the holes and slot the die back into some of the pre-cut holes. To ensure the die stayed in position, I taped it down and then run it through my die cut machine again.  Merely repeat this process until your area is of the appropriate size - you really don't have to go quite as mad as I have done - I was just challenging myself to see if I could actually do it!

I found a beautiful Celtic Knot design online and stitched it with various shades of green Scheepjes Catona wool/yarn  (a Dutch brand)  

DMC PerlĂ© Cotton works really well with these projects but you could use normal six strand embroidery thread too.  I personally opted for the Catona yarn because it worked out considerably cheaper for me, not to mention these miniature balls of wool are so darned cute!

We have some St Patrick Day themed charts on the MFT Blog for you to follow - so why not get those needles out and come join in with us.

Happy Crafting



byAnnette said...

Love this design & your colors!
Great to see how to stretch a product!!

Jeanne said...

Wow, this is stunning! I admire your creativity. I've long admired your coloring skills. Happy to see another cross stitcher! :)

Linda BL said...

You have definitely created an outstanding piece!
What a gorgeous design!

Queen Mary said...

Beautiful! TFS!