15 November 2010

Ooh did someone say cake!!

Well girls and boys I clocked up another year yesterday, but hey its a good excuse for something sweet and scrummy!!

I don't know about you but I am all for tradition, and a birthday just wouldn't be complete without a cake - yesterday was no exception.  Its not quite up to the standard of Duff Goldman at Charm City Cakes (love that show - totally hooked) but even though I say so myself, it tasted pretty good. 

What do you think?  Marks out of 10?
 Giant Cupcake
OK, I confess, I didn't carve it by hand, I used a really cool cake pan from Lakeland then covered it in fondant icing.  What you can't see is that the base of the cake is chocolate marble cake whilst the top is made of strawberry cake. I was really nervous making it as it was the first time I'd used this pan - but with the addition of a little Cake Release my worries were unfounded & once cooked the cakes popped out of the pan without a hitch woo hoo!

Before I use it next time I'm going to invest in some brown colouring so I can make the cupcake base look a little more like cake and less like an icecream (but that's just me being picky)

I had a really great day yesterday & am now the proud owner of an airbrush kit & compressor for my Copic Sketch - so watch this space for the results over the next few weeks............ once I stop playing with shrink plastic that is.  I never tire of watching that stuff curl up and shrink, producing a minature version of a stamped image - its so cool!!

Happy crafting folks and I'll be back with some of my latest projects very soon.


Vicki said...

WOW, WOW, WOW. That is definate a 15. Gorgeous it is. Happy Belated Birthday Jane. Sounds like you had a great day. Can't wait to see what you make with your new birthday present. What a cool gift.

Bernadette said...

I want some of that cake! Looks yummy! I wish I had the talent to decorate a cake. I was just telling Alfred, that I might take a cake class and he laughed and said are you serious, you will get frustrated and toss the cake or stab it with those metal tips.. He was right on the spot:P

Charlie said...

Happy B day and yes - it is 10++ for sure. What a lovely BIIG cupcake - super idea. Sounds like good presents came your way too - a PERFECT bday it must have been.

Jane said...

Wow, thanks girls, I had a blast making it - for me the decorating is the fun part, but I found out that food colouring stains your fingers more than chalk ink!! Shame we can't take a cake class together B - can you imagine the mayhem we'd cause!!

Ute said...

I second the 15 !! It looks sooooo delicious - so cake making is another one of your talents ! And thanks for leading me to your blog !
Take care,

Dawn said...

Hey Jane, your cake is beautiful! You could rival the cake boss!

Take care,
Northerncrafter9 (Dawn)

Househund said...

Jane that is finger licking good..


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gmanshk said...

i love this (cup) cake...this is awesome