11 September 2011

Stars and Stripes

It’s time again for another Pike’s Playground Challenge folks!
“Stars and Stripes”
Apologies for the shortness of this post but I am still having problems with my right arm and my left one is getting sore because it’s just not used to having to work so hard
Yep, it’s another outing for the snowman but he’s sporting a nice ice blue ensemble this time around.
You may not be able to see it that well in the photo but the Liquid Applique has had a bit of Stickles glue applied for that sparkly touch!
Now come on, if this one-armed bandit can get this card online (I completed it pre-injury) you guys can create something for this weeks competition – don’t forget you have to use one of Dustin Pike’s digital images.
Please post your entries HERE


Househund said...

Love your version of the starts and stripes Jane
Glad to see your injuries are improving.

You'l also reminded me that I really should make a start on my Christmas Cards :o)


Househund said...

Ps... I really should read what I'm typing.. that should be stars

Jane said...

Don't worry Ros, you should see the typo's I've made whilst typing left handed. Which thankfully I am not having to do quite so much as my arm seems to be on the mend, albeit much more slowly than I had hoped.

Dawn said...

Jane, so glad to see you are back at crafting and your arm is mending. This card is wonderful and I want to try and case it. Just so cute.

Denni said...

I love all the blues! and the snow - amazing as always!

Carly said...

Oh this is just snow (he he he ) sweet