6 September 2011

Out of action

 I was bit of a numpty recently and sprained the middle finger on my right hand, but also managed to strain my right arm the same day.  The finger has healed, unfortunately because I decided to soldier on and continue using my right arm, it has not. 
I currently have my arm in a sling – more to stop me using it than anything else, in the hope that it will heal.  As a result I am having to put down my pencils (yep, I’m right handed!!)
Operating a mouse and typing left-handed are a challenge – so blogging is also off the agenda – I will still be visiting your sites, but please excuse the lack of comments – this piece has taken an age to tap out.
Back soon (hopefully)


Annika said...

awwww, hugs to you, Jane - I know all too well what it feels to be incapacitated. Very annoying, not evening mentioning the sore part! Hope it'll heal fast and well!!

Dorcas said...


Rikki Holley said...

Get better really really soon.

Gramma said...

Get better fast!

Ginny said...

i know how you feel.. the middle finger of my right hand took my whole hand out of action too..lol.. hope you feel better SOON xoxo

Househund said...

oH Dear what a disater...
Hope your not doing dishes ...
or cooking and cleaning

Hope your hands are crafty soon
Take Care

Denni said...

OMGosh! I'm still catching up on blogs and emails from being out of power after our recent hurricane and just saw this post! I hope you are feeling better! It is hard not to rest an injury but if you don't it takes so much longer to heal (been there done that) so REST up sweetie!!

Spyder said...

been there done that, a dog, of all things damages my middle figure about two years ago, and then after being in a splint for two months a silly doctor bent it...and that's the way it's stayed ever since. Be fore then I never realised how important it was!! (Its my 'right click finger!)