25 March 2012

Dudley wants to say hello!

Over at Dustin Pike's it's

A Dudley kinda Day

Yep the little dragon is taking over and for your opportunity to get a free digi we would like to see Dudley featuring in your creation

Unfortunately I forgot to take a snapshot of the Copics so to make up for it I am going to let you know how I got the pimples on the basket ball - fair?

Start by shading the ball as normal with in my case various oranges to create a sphere like shape.  Once you are happy with that get your colourless blender and dot it gently all over the ball, do not worry that the darker areas look like the ball has measles, trust me.  Now, take a grey marker, in this instance I chose W3 and add dots delicately to the darker side of the ball - hey presto your basket ball now has pimples!!

Whilst in the mood for tips and hints here is another one - take a look at Dudleys legs - yes I know they are a bit skinny, poor chap cannot help that!! LOL  Seriously, can you see the shadow I have added where his leg goes up into his shorts - simply by colouring in the shadows either after or as part of your shading really will help to give your flat 2D creations dimension.  Again, try it with a grey marker a few shades darker than the area you want to add shadow to and see what a difference it makes.  If you study Dudley above you will see many areas that have had the shadows added .................. go on give it a go and let me know how you get on.

The above colour wheel which can be found here and is really invaluable when deciding which grey goes with which colour family - I use it all the time and have a copy stuck on my wall above my desk.

To qualify for a free digi, your creation MUST contain a Dustin Pike Doodle Dragon image and you can post your finished creation HERE

Crafty Hugs


Grenouille Greetings said...

Lovely rich colouring of this cute little dragon! Hugs, Lesley

Sheila said...

He is one cute dragon Jane :), love your colouring & layout hun.
Sheila xx

Theresa said...

Hello Jane - this is amazing. Wow what coloring. Great card.

Gramma said...

No wonder my cards are blah next to yours and Jenn's. I thought you were supposed to stay with a darker color in the same color family for shading... Geez, starting over... I really, really like your timing.. It is "March Madness" here in the states.(College BasketBall)

Joey said...

Absolutely stunning! Love this, love the detail of colouring on the ball. Joey x

Dorcas said...

Great shading tips Jane! You are da bomb! Love the basketball!

Househund said...

And all this time I would have been looking for a darker colour the same shade to shadow the area..
Of course grey makes sense.
Yes I'm off to try it!

Wishcraft said...

Wow your colouring is fabulous! Thanks for the tips :o) Great card, love the image. Lisa x

Unknown said...

This is so nice, its fun and such a smiley card, he is adorable, I love it, I just am catching up on my viewing of blogs and new creations , Jane I must say you have been making some great creations Lately
Hugs Elaine

Anonymous said...

Super cute card Jane! As always your coloring is beautiful! hugs, Angela