28 August 2013

Last week of August, surely not!

Heavens to Betsy, is it really the 28th already?
So much has been going on.....
........harvest of course, A Level exam results and
an 18th Birthday!!!

a bit like August, the last 18 years have flown by....
.....in less than a month my son will be off to Loughborough University.
So I thought this years cake should mark the double celebration
and of course Ben's favourite sport.....hockey!

I don't know about you guys but my piping skills are to say the least, erm, limited, so I treated myself to some Tappits cutters.
They are a tad tricky to use, yes the letters do get stuck sometimes but the knack is to roll your icing out very thin..............and use gum paste NOT fondant.
A big thank you must go to some lovely ladies on You Tube who posted how to use these cutters....thank you girls!
Well I had best be off, lots to do

12 August 2013

Harvest is in full swing

For those of you who don't know me that well
I am married to a farmer so August/September is a tad manic!
.......and this year our "student" is none other than our son Ben!
So I currently have TWO tired, grouchy men sharing the house
filling my utility room floor with oats and rape seeds
and producing mountains of laundry!
.........and this is how I spent my day yesterday.....
Picked a trolley with a mind of it's own
Selected the wrong queue for the tills as always 
finally got home and ate lunch at 2:40
 broke down last night...parts flew out the back
hubby was NOT a happy bunny
..........until John Deere fitter & he rebuilt the beast this morning & got it working
harvesting again 
early night cancelled.....midnight finish
which meant
(to be delivered in the field)
Chicken in red wine in the slow cooker
veggies prepped
Ah just time to mow the lawn.....
whose bright idea was it to buy extra land?
Henry Honda
(yep our mower has a name)
and I trundled around the garden.....not as proficient as the boys but hey I tried!
....er hi honey.....when will dinner be ready....
(with me up to my elbows in grass cuttings)
So once I'd got everything loaded into Parker
 (my Freelander has a name too!)
I headed off into the countryside in search of 5 hungry farmers
Quick chat to catch up on the days action and then
hubby hot foots it back in the combine
starts it up and
covers my car in a cloud of dust
which stuck to the bugs that had glued themselves to the vehicle earlier...yeuch!
 out came the hose pipe when I got home
............and I washed the car
I finally got my dinner at about 9:30
and to say I was shattered was an understatement!
My intentions to craft & blog went out the window and if I am honest it's going to be hit and miss until the crops are in...........boo hoo.....so please bear with me
Well that's about all from this
"Multi-tasking Mama"
for the mo
......the mountain of laundry sadly won't wash itself
but by the state of some of it....I wish it would!

just had a call from hubby
Dinner for 7 men required today
will be on the road again later
Toodle pip 

6 August 2013

How would Santa cope without his Elves?

Forget those pesky Reindeer, without help from his trusty Elves our dear Santa would be unable to fulfil all those wishes and dreams!
So I thought I would acknowledge all the hard work those
little guys do for the man in the red suit.

NP Employee No 3355 - Mo Manning
Spellbinders die
(single die with doodling to give look of being 3D)
Coloured pencils
Chalk ink
Kraft card
time for a close up I think
I decided to enter this cute little guy into a few challenges:
but I've been struggling to find many in the mood for Christmas cards!!! LOL
Well that's about it from me today
Toodle Pips

5 August 2013

Without Words for August

Hello there guys
it is that time again for another
Without Words Challenge
and this months theme is
Beach holiday/At the seaside
Little Umbrella -  Mo Manning
Birthday Messages - Hero Arts
DP: Lili of the Valley - Bear Necessities
A dash or two of coloured pencil
and here is the list of Copics I used:
Sand: E42 E50 E51 E53
Bikini: B91 B93 B95 N5 E41 E42
Glasses: T5 E04
Skin: E0000 E000 E00 E41 E42 R11 R12
Hair: E21 E23 E25 E27 E29
Drink: G12 YR01 E13 E15 B0000 Y21 W3 N2 R24 BG0000 Y26
Towel: BG70 B91 YR01 E13 N2 N4
Sky: B0000

and we have not one but two sponsors this month!!

So come on, join in the fun - you have double the chance to win!
and remember
Clean & Simple card please

Crafty Hugs