12 August 2013

Harvest is in full swing

For those of you who don't know me that well
I am married to a farmer so August/September is a tad manic!
.......and this year our "student" is none other than our son Ben!
So I currently have TWO tired, grouchy men sharing the house
filling my utility room floor with oats and rape seeds
and producing mountains of laundry!
.........and this is how I spent my day yesterday.....
Picked a trolley with a mind of it's own
Selected the wrong queue for the tills as always 
finally got home and ate lunch at 2:40
 broke down last night...parts flew out the back
hubby was NOT a happy bunny
..........until John Deere fitter & he rebuilt the beast this morning & got it working
harvesting again 
early night cancelled.....midnight finish
which meant
(to be delivered in the field)
Chicken in red wine in the slow cooker
veggies prepped
Ah just time to mow the lawn.....
whose bright idea was it to buy extra land?
Henry Honda
(yep our mower has a name)
and I trundled around the garden.....not as proficient as the boys but hey I tried!
....er hi honey.....when will dinner be ready....
(with me up to my elbows in grass cuttings)
So once I'd got everything loaded into Parker
 (my Freelander has a name too!)
I headed off into the countryside in search of 5 hungry farmers
Quick chat to catch up on the days action and then
hubby hot foots it back in the combine
starts it up and
covers my car in a cloud of dust
which stuck to the bugs that had glued themselves to the vehicle earlier...yeuch!
 out came the hose pipe when I got home
............and I washed the car
I finally got my dinner at about 9:30
and to say I was shattered was an understatement!
My intentions to craft & blog went out the window and if I am honest it's going to be hit and miss until the crops are in...........boo hoo.....so please bear with me
Well that's about all from this
"Multi-tasking Mama"
for the mo
......the mountain of laundry sadly won't wash itself
but by the state of some of it....I wish it would!

just had a call from hubby
Dinner for 7 men required today
will be on the road again later
Toodle pip 


Gramma said...

Oh dear... chin up girl... you won't have to do it again for another year!

SaraJ said...

Hope you find 5 mins for yourself to draw breath.

Lorraine said...

Keep smiling!

Househund said...

A Women's Work is never done.
Would willing give you a hand Jane if I lived closer. I'm from a family of nine so dinner wouldn't be a problem hahahhaha

But really.. would you have it any other way.

Hang in there


Lorianna said...

WOW Jane and I thought I had a busy day!!!
Take a little time for you!!
And take care!