28 August 2013

Last week of August, surely not!

Heavens to Betsy, is it really the 28th already?
So much has been going on.....
........harvest of course, A Level exam results and
an 18th Birthday!!!

a bit like August, the last 18 years have flown by....
.....in less than a month my son will be off to Loughborough University.
So I thought this years cake should mark the double celebration
and of course Ben's favourite sport.....hockey!

I don't know about you guys but my piping skills are to say the least, erm, limited, so I treated myself to some Tappits cutters.
They are a tad tricky to use, yes the letters do get stuck sometimes but the knack is to roll your icing out very thin..............and use gum paste NOT fondant.
A big thank you must go to some lovely ladies on You Tube who posted how to use these cutters....thank you girls!
Well I had best be off, lots to do


Gram's Treasures said...

Wow....amazing job on this cake! I bet it tastes good too. Best wishes and congratulations to your son, as he's off to new adventures.
Joyce xx

Gramma said...

CAS cake decorating... OK, maybe not simple. Looks like perfection in this case as well! Congrats to Ben!

Joey said...

Jane this is amazing! I wouldnt say your skills are limited! Lol. Joey xx