17 February 2014

Four paws

Life is a rollercoaster - well mine sure has been this past week.........

Firstly, as many of you know our sweet Westie, Roo's been battling cancer since last March,
she was such a tough little pooch, unfortunately she took a turn for the worse last weekend and
passed away in her sleep Wednesday night.

In early December we knew that Roo's cancer had spread and that she did not have long to live, so we started contacting breeders to get our names on their waiting lists..........

.........and on Saturday my husband and I collected this
adorable little girl

I'd like to introduce you to

 Lamb Chop 
she's perfect for this pint sized pup!

time for a nap on Mum's crocs!

And the funny stripy toy we lovingly call Zonkey belonged to Roo, so although she did not get to meet her, Pip gets to play with her teddy.

As you can imagine I have my hands full at the moment
last night I got 4 hours sleep!!

She is very small, so small in fact that the puppy collar I bought her is too big,
therefore she's got to keep wearing her whelping collar for a little while longer
oh and she fits through the bars on the stair gate.......help!

It's 12 years since we last had a puppy
and I've quickly realised that I just can't fit in much crafting - I need eyes in the back of my head
.......and some sleep!!!

Hopefully when things settle down and we've got her in a routine life will get back to normality
but for this week at least I'm concentrating on our little pup!

Bye for now


Gram's Treasures said...

So sad....followed by so sweet. So sorry to hear of Roo's passing, but wish you many happy years ahead with Pip.
Joyce x

Jan said...

She's adorable. Sorry you lost your little Pal Hugs xx Jan

Exclusively by Mel said...

I'm so sorry to read about Roo xx
Your new addition is just so cute, I know I still look back at when Benny was a pup, he was a right handful! good luck lol ;)
Mel. xxx

DesignerDiva said...

Sorry to hear you lost Roo Jane, its awful, like a member of the family but your new arrival should keep you busy, too busy to dwell on it by the sounds of things - Good luck, you might need it!
Hugs Laurie xx

Laine said...

So sorry for your loss Jane. Its very sad when you loose a dear pet and family member. The new puppy looks a little treasure. Hope you get some sleep soon.

Irish Cherokee said...

We have a TV show called "TOO CUTE" here in the States. Your little one would fit in with no problem. Too Cute. Just makes you want get all huggy.

Sue said...

Oh Jane, so sorry to hear about your loss, my heart goes out to you.
Awwwww Pip looks totally adorable, I must show my daughter later as she LOVES Westies. It sounds like you have your hands full, hopefully it will get easier soon and you will be able to catch up on some sleep.
Take care
hugs Sue xx

Lorraine said...

Jane, I'm so sorry to hear about Roo.
Pip looks adorable and sooo cute. Hope you get some sleep!
Lorraine x

Anita said...

So sorry to hear about your Roo, it's so hard to loose our little furbabies. Love your new little pup - so adorable.

Janine said...

So sorry to hear about Roo, Jane.
Your little Pip is such a cutie. Sounds like you're going to be kept very busy for a while :-)
Hugs, Janine xx

Gramma said...

Jane, Pip is just gorgeous! What a beautiful puppy. Our Maggie is 8 months now and such a joy, most of the time. Tenacity plus with our girl. I'll bet your Roo is having more influence on Pip than you realize. Super big hugs for you all and Pip!

Alexandra♥ said...

Pip is absolutely amazing!!! Hopefully, he will let you have a rest too once in while :))


Denni said...

So sorry to hear about Roo. I'm sure having your little Pip will help you heal. Just be sure to teach your new sweetie that color pencils are NOT chew sticks!!

Good luck with the puppy stage :)

(hugs) to you sweetie!

Househund said...

Welcome Pip... She is adorable.
It's lovely having a new puppy around, they a so much fun (and work).
What about a line of Westie stamps Jane hahhahah

Sara said...

So sorry to hear that Roo lost her battle, it`s like losing a member of the family, the new little pup looks just adorable, hugs Sara xx

MarkerGeek said...

She is just so sweet, Jane. Love the photos, especially of her napping with her head on your foot. Delightful.

Sassy Raggedy said...

Oh breaks my heart about Roo...Pip is too dang cute...Thoughts are with you...Hugs, joann

Mau xx said...

Awww!!! I think Pip is going to fill that dreadful big gap in your life Jane, So sorry about Roo xx
Pip is just adorable, My sister has a Westie and she would just fall in love with pip too.
Hugs Mau xx

Jenny said...

So sorry to hear about your dog...its always hard to lose a pet. Your new little pup is so so cute!! and I remember the puppy days all to well!! it passes fast though, and you wish they were little again (just like kids I guess ;) )

Househund said...

any more puppy photos ?

Franz♥ said...

I'm so sorry for your Roo, Jane, I image it was a terrible loss :(

Your brand new puppy is tooo sweet, I'd also love to have one like her too!

Lots of hugs, Fran.