30 August 2017

Colouring for fun!

Last week it was my son's 22nd Birthday.........wow, how time flies!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you all the card I made for him.
This was a Copic/Coloured Pencil combo - I love using both mediums as it gives me the opportunity to get more detail into my images than pure Copic alone.  Just remember to fix your work once completed as you are using pencils on very smooth cardstock and they will have a tendency to smudge - I use Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative, but hairspray will do the job too!

And remember, don't add your pencils until you have finished Copic colouring..........you don't want to clog your Copic nibs with pencil dust!

Stamp - Silly Monsters Rockstars - Your Next Stamp
Ink - MFT Hybrid Gravel Gray
Card - MFT Hot Fudge, Gumdrop Green
Paper - MFT Trail Mix


Your Next Stamp said...

This is amazing!!!! Love your coloring!

janecrisci said...

Fantastic card!! Love your coloring!!

Annette said...

I would not have wanted to part with this. I hope he appreciated your talents! Lovely card as always. xx

akasals said...

What a beautiful card. Looks Vintage.

Thank you