1 January 2011

Brand new Year!


Bernadette said...

Love it ! I was stand in line at a craft store and seen a Magnolia magazine and thought of you:)

Happy New Year!

Househund said...

Happy New Year Jane
Fantastic card.. so bright and colourful
Really looking forward to following your blog this year...!

Jane said...

Keep your eye out for a few surprises this year - as my confidence/competence grows so will the blog!!!!

Househund said...

Oh please let it be some tutorials!!! lol
(can't blame a girl for trying) :o)

Dawn said...

An amazing card! oh tutorials would be great!

Househund said...

Jane, would you be able to post the review you did on coloured pencil's and Zest it.
As you know it's not long on a certain web site.
I have the Zest it... now looking for nice pencils and the right paper. But can't remember what you recommened.
Thanks in Advance

Jane said...

Ros, I'll see if I can find the piccies and see what I can do - at the very least I'll email you with the details!!!