26 February 2011

Love is .......

Love is................. not having a migraine any more!  My goodness, this one was really bad & I'm still not 100% but I am finally back in the studio & able to use the laptop phew!

Here's the card I made for my husband on Valentines Day - a Hanglar/Magnolia combo!

Image: Hanglar Stanglar girl, Magnolia Pink Bench, Magnolia Stitched Wooly Heart
Paper: Laura Ashley Connemara
Colouring: Copics, Prismacolor, Distress ink
Additional: Sewing machine stitching, Diamond glaze, Masking film, Stazon pad, Stamp positioner.

I had alot of fun creating this, including the use of a mask.  I've tried using Post-it notes in the past but found the paper a tad too thick and I got into a right mess with the non-permanent tape that I added to the non-sticky areas! So I splurged on a roll of Createx Masking Film & quickly found out you need to stamp your image on the film using Stazon not Memento! Then you simply cut out your images - in this case the Hanglar girl & Magnolia bench.

For those of you who've never done this before I thought I'd include a little guide: 

~ With Stazon ink stamp the Hanglar girl & bench on to masking film, once dry, cut out and put to one side.
~ Stamp the Hanglar girl, this time with Memento ink onto your chosen cardstock.
~ Once dry stick the masking film version over the top ensuring it fits exactly - with the mask being transparent it's much easier to place.
~ Stamp the bench using Stazon onto a Stamp poistioner & follow the instructions with it to allow you to place the bench exactly where you want it - remember to clean your stamp & use Memento when stamping your cardstock.
~ Now stick the masking film bench onto the stamped image.
~ With pink Memento ink stamp the Stitched Wooly Heart around your image.
~ Carefully remove the two masks & attach the backing paper to them (I keep all mine in a box so if I want to reuse the image I've got a mask ready & waiting!)
REMEMBER: Memento ink stays wet on masking film so be careful when removing the masks to ensure you don't smear ink onto your work! (Been there, done that!!) Tweezers are ideal for this.

After this has been done you are free to colour your image as normal - for me that meant Copics, Prismacolor and Distress ink with white gel pen & diamond glaze to finish.

Hope you've found this little tutorial helpful & if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask.

It's good to be back


Dorcas said...

Wow!~ Its quite a process, huh? I suppose digis are easier in that way with merging being just a few clicks of buttons.
I'm not even sure I know what masking paper is...hmmmmm
Well you've done great and thanks for revealing your secret ;-)

Jane said...

If you're computer savvy Dorcas I'm sure digis are easier, but I confess I've not tried that yet.

Denni said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colors and coloring and background - so pretty!

Dawn said...

Beautiful Jane. I have not tried this technique yet and it sounds very complicated. :)

Househund said...

Hi Jane... Great to have you back.
I was starting to wonder if you had gone away.
Sorry the dreaded M has hit you again.
As a fellow sufferer I know how rotten they can make you feel. Fingers crossed I haven't had one for around 8 months.
One things for sure... it hasn't affected your work
Wonderful colours as ever. Love it

Shar said...

Oh my how sweet!!! Love this image and your color choices are beautiful. Missed you, Jane. Glad to see you back at it. :)


stampinwithmel said...

Glad you are feeling better. I suffer from migraines as well and it seems this year has already been bad for them.
Love the card and all your work. Thank you for sharing

Dawn said...

Beautiful! Your coloring is wonderful as usual!