4 May 2013

Spaced out

Calamity Jane strikes again!
I have managed to hurt my hip, meaning that sitting crafting is a tad uncomfortable
so when Ben asked me to make an 18th card I did my best
but after 3 failed attempts I admitted defeat and delved into my card stash!
therefore, here is another
"one I prepared earlier" cards!!
confession time
I made this card several years ago whilst designing dies
(I designed both the Spaceman & Alien)
For all those in Blighty
Have a wonderful Bank Holiday
enjoy the sunshine!!
Crafty Hugs


Gramma said...

So stinking cute! Love the "old" card!
Sorry about your hip. I hope Ben gets his card soon!

Jay Gee said...

So sorry to hear about your hip. This card is fabulous - the dies are so cool!

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

WOW!!!! Amazing jane!!! this is so cool... oh no sorry to hear about your hip :( hope it is feeling better!! xx

Tracy said...

Poor Jane! :-( Hope you feel lots better soon. The characters you designed are amazing. Uber cute! Hugs!

Crafteezee said...

I bet his friend didn't mind Jane and wouldn't have noticed at all. I hope the hip improves, sounds painful.
Hugs Tracy x

Dianne said...

Dear Jane it may have been sitting around for a while but its a brilliant make, love your designs, beautifully colored of course, hope your hip does heal quickly sending healing wishes your way, big hugs..

Dania said...

Jane I'm so sorry you are hurt. I pray quick recovery. This card brings back many memories. It is beautiful and I'm sure Ben doesn't mind you made it a couple of years ago....its still a Jane creation. I cherish the one you sent me. <3

Anonymous said...

tehehheee super!!!!!!! cute! love it xx