28 October 2013

Harvest dinner

Hello everyone....I am going to have to be quick
We currently have a power cut - it's been off since 11 am and hubby has put the
generator on for a bit just to keep the food in the freezers OK so I am taking the opportunity to get this post done before I lose wifi/internet again.
What is really perplexing is that we did not get the really severe weather that hit some parts of the UK today and yet our village is without power......the mind boggles!!!
Anyway here are some of the pictures of hubby and his men erecting our marquee Thursday night
thank goodness for floodlights
instructions were read by torch light
but we had to beat the rain......and oh boy did it rain the following morning
They had to have lanterns on inside to see what they were doing, but hey they did an amazing job
Peter fitted the carpet, heating and lighting the following day whilst I got baking......
My first ever cake pops - what do you think of the mummys?  I got in such a mess and yes I was wearing quite a lot of sprinkles and candy melts by the time I had finished!!!
But I did have fun!
Then I made some cupcakes
American sponge cake with Chocolate Crème au Beurre and snazzy Halloween rings to decorate!
 I did cheat and bought some Mr Kiplings Halloween French fancies for the top tier - oh the shame!
What I failed to take a picture of was my Coca-Cola Ham...........a Nigella Lawson recipe I have used for many years, which has become a firm family favourite.
Google it and give it a go - it is so delicious and went down a storm at the dinner.
Here is everyone Saturday night just before the meal
As you can see our son made it down from University.....it was great to see him, it's been a long 5 weeks for this Mum
He headed back to University Sunday morning so he could play rugby for his hall that afternoon, then I got a phone call at 9pm and I knew from his voice that something wrong.
Ben had been injured whilst playing rugby and had spent 7 hours in hospital.
He has fractured ribs!
I've managed to speak to him on the phone today - he's in quite a bit of pain, unable to move much so of course he's missed todays lectures but after a couple of phone calls to the University we have things sorted - Campus staff and the sub warden have been to check on him & one of his flat mates got him some lunch - thanks Alex
It is so hard not being there, but I guess this is all part of growing up for him and for me!
This is certainly a weekend I won't forget in a hurry!!!
Hope you enjoyed the piccies
best be off......just heard back from the power company
a tree took out some power lines and they hope to have us back on soon.
Bye for now


Gramma said...

So happy that Ben is keeping in touch and being well looked after. I hope his recovery is swift. I am on my way to Google Nigella's ham recipe. Looks like your Harvest meal was a resounding hit!

Lorraine said...

It looks like you had a good Harvest meal. I hope your power is back on. Those cake pops look brilliant!
Lorraine x

Janine said...

Looks like you had a great Harvest meal. Lovely that your son was able to join you. They're a worry no matter how old they are! Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Love the Mummy pop cakes.
Hugs, Janine xx

Anonymous said...

So pleased to see your photos and know your OK thanks for spending time visiting me when your time is so restricted!! hugs and love your harvest yummi's hugs me x

Wishcraft said...

Great photos Jane, your goodies all look fab. Hope Ben is fully recovered soon xx Hugs, Lisa x