19 April 2015

I've been playing

I make no secret of the fact that I love working with pencil....
primarily because I've been using them since I was a tot, they suit my style of drawing - I'm fussy & pernickity and I just love adding detail!

Yeah I know I should loosen my style, believe me I've tried. 

So I struggle with markers, yes you heard that right peeps...I STRUGGLE 
 to achieve the same level of detail.

Lets face it the point on a Copic Sketch is chubby in comparison to the point of a good pencil & some of the stamps we choose to colour are darned fiddly.........and then I wonder why I am sometimes pulling my hair out!!

And then of course we have the annoying phenomena that is "sticky Copics" - yes I am sure my detailed technique does not help but it's the same colours that go gloopy. I've heard & tried ny on all the tricks!  Sometimes I can rescue my artwork, other times my bin gets rather full!

Anyway, post migraine (not my smartest idea, I admit) I decided enough was enough - 
flesh tones and hair were not going to beat me!

Well that's where the Magnolia marathon began.......I am not joking when I say this gal got coloured & abandoned over 30 times!!  
With my sanity in shreds and suffering from a very stiff shoulder & neck 
(should have stopped when my neck started to seize & not soldiered on!)
I persevered and here is the finished card
(she says with a sigh of relief)

......and yes Tilda has features.....I know the stamp doesn't and last time I added a face I got a lot of grief & some very nasty comments.

I spent a small fortune on Maggies & they've sat in a box unused ever since - what a waste.

So I've finally put my big girl pants on, coloured my heart out to improve my skin and hair techniques and blooming well given Tilda some blue eyes.



Faye Wynn-Jones said...

What a stunner Jane. I just love your faces x

Jennifer Dove said...

You are amazing and I love your creative color placement in adding the face!!

Baukje said...

Your colouring is amazing and I love Tilda's beautiful big blue eyes.

paola said...

Fabulous job!!! Never listen to nay sayers! :)

Crafteezee said...

You go girl, she looks better for it. Amazing as always :)
Tracy x

Lissa said...

She's adorable

Anita said...

This is gorgeous! I love her face. And I agree - sticky copics can be such a pain to deal with!

Sassy Raggedy said...

I just had to giggle a little when you were talking about Copics. Who of us has not been through that. I think your coloring is beautiful. You are one of the best and I think Tilda is the prettiest I have ever seen. You are so creative with your coloring and I will always be a fan. This is lovely...Hugs, joann

Tracy said...

Oh Jane! 30 times??? Now that's perseverance. She looks amazing. Hugs!

MarkerGeek said...

Sod any unpleasant commenters Jane, I think you're awesome. :) Love Tilda with big blue eyes!

Curly said...

Omgosh, this is amazing, don't take any notice of the haters, they are just jealous that they probably don't have an ounce of your talent.
I'm gob smacked by your awesomeness for detail
Have a lovely day
Hugs and kindest
Bridget 😄xx

Annette said...

Oh Jane, ignore the nutters. She's beautiful. I love your faces, they are just stunning and create a whole new look. Hubby has never liked my Tilda cards as they don't have faces.

coops said...

absolutely stunning jane.i looooovvvvvvvveeee your colouring and tilda looks far better with a face ;D

xx coops xx

Anja said...

I truly adore your colouring skills, Jane!

Hugs, Anja

Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

He he he :)
Such a fun expression and I like how you have her looking up too - very fitting for this pose. Love it, of course!

Debbie Olson said...

Jane, I think that you are AMAZING with either Copics or pencil!