8 November 2011

Copic Storage

Oh my, I've spent so many hours trying to solve the problem experienced by many a Copic owner..........STORAGE!

As my collection grew so did the storage dilemma - initially I used the plastic boxes that the Copic sets come in, adding more as required.  I stored them on their sides to keep the pens horizontal - holding the boxes together with parcel tape. 

Unfortunately the pens are only gripped at the end and as you can see they dip downwards and the more boxes you stack the worse this gets - when you pull one pen out several follow!!
Not to mention this type of storage is not overly stable and even after adding blu-tac to stick the boxes to the wall I was greeted several times with a cascade of Copics all over my desk.

I am sure I don't need to tell you that various solutions are available - Totes, Racks, Cubbies and boxes but I wanted something that keeps the pens horizontal and allows me to store them in colour order and gives space for additional pens.

One solution then caught my eye - some people were using "eggcrate louvre" as used in suspended ceilings.  However, I personally didn't like the wooden dowels that were being used to suspend the eggcrate - so I challenged my hubby to come up with a cleaner solution.

And here it is..............

This little beauty will take 396 Copic Sketch!!

If this is a solution that would work for you too here are the details you might find useful:

Storage Box - we chose a "Really Useful Box" (11 litre) because unlike a lot of boxes its square inside - no annoying internal bulges.
2 x Eggcrate Louvre - I got mine online as they aren't so easy to find here in the UK
Transparent silicone sealant
Hack saw
Handy-man Husband (Oh boy, the mess I would have made trying to do this myself)

Oh and I mustn't forget the Sizzix mat that was sacrificed..... you can see a portion of it attached to the front on the box - it was well worth cannibalizing the poor mat as it makes the whole box rock solid - I did not want the pens falling all over my desk anymore!!  I am not saying you have to chop up your prized Sizzix mat, it's just what we used - you just need something of reasonable density to ensure the stability of the unit.

And in case you were in any doubt here's a side view:

Because the eggcrate is siliconed in at the base of the box and the top the pens are held securely and of course without the use of dowels you are not losing valuable pen space!!!

*****Additional Info*****
I've had quite a few emails asking where you can source the items required to make this storage unit, so here goes:

Storage Box:
In the UK, Really Useful Boxes are quite common, mine came from Hobbycraft.
Rest of the World -use Search Engine for suppliers
Any similar box will do, it just looks smarter if your box is square inside and saves you cutting your Eggcrate into a strange shape and of course maximises marker storage.

Eggcrate Louvre:
USA - Try Lowes or Home Depot
Rest of World - use Search Engine (that's what I did)
size of squares: 15mm x15mm

NB. This storage system is suitable for:
Copic Sketch
Copic Ciao
*****New Information*****
I have had a couple of emails recently asking how you attach the top eggcrate to the box.
Cut your eggcrate to size and before applying silicone sealant around the edge of it attach 4 pencils with wire, one in each corner.
Having applied the sealant carefully place the eggcrate inside the top of your box.
Now adjust/twist the wire so that the pencils lay firmly across the corners of your box, this enables you to hold your eggrate securely in place whilst the silicone sealant dries.
Once dry simply untwist the wire and remove the pencils
Then all you have to do is to put in all your markers

I am chuffed to bits with my new storage - it stands with pride on my desk and the knowledge that it has room for quite a few more pens is a bonus!

What do you guys think??


Joey said...

Jane your storage looks fantastico! I am having trouble storing my pens too grrr. xx

Dorcas said...

I say its pretty cool, Jane! Now where to put itty bitty pencils...

Denni said...

Oh what a beautiful rainbow of colors! And a brilliant storage idea! Now you need to do some shopping and fill the empty spots, lol!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Jane....
I want one!!!

Brilliant hun

Jane said...

I have a ny on complete set of Copic Sketch (only the fluorescents are missing)which means I have more than enough space left for new colours as they are introduced.

Gram's Treasures said...

Great idea...I showed my husband! Does it only fit the sketchers, not the ciao which is rounded!
Joyce xx

Toni said...

looks fabulous Jane and something to think about :)

Viv said...

Wow! That is so cool! Brilliant idea.

LindaS said...

WAW this is totally cool. Genius. Thanks for sharing.

Sharman said...

GREAT idea Jane. I store mine in cubbies right now and do not have any problems with that BUT I think I would like to give this a go. Could you tell me where you got this on line and how hard was it to actually put together???

Melanie said...

Jane, I LOVE it!

And want one too. Now I will need to find the right style box and the louvres here in Australia.

So clear and easy to locate pens, be able to reach them to use and pack away.

Thanks you (and Darling Husband).

Ally said...

wow, wow, wow, this is such a brilliant idea (and what a wonderful hubby...)! thanks for sharing, this is really fabby!
Hugs, Alessandra

TracieB xx said...

Oooooooh looks like we could see a whole container import of Eggcrate Louvre hahaha. We all want one, do u hire your hubby out for DIY tasks hehe.

Brilliant idea and thank you very much for sharing.


Delphine said...

Your box is totally brilliant (and so is your husband, and you too:-)!!!) WOW... I thought I should post what my "storage units" for Copics are, but after seeing your box, nooo, I don't think I ever will LOL! I also wanted to thank you for the totally adorable and too kind comment you left me, it means so much, and really brightened my day! Big hugs Delphine xx

Cathy said...

This is exactly what I have been looking for and needing myself for years. you are a genius!!!! I only have about 2/3 of the copics because that is all I thinnk I need but I love that I could hold them all.

Househund said...

OH My GOODNESS.. Never mind the box, which is absolutely fantastic and I want one...

L@@K at all those pens!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what a great idea! thanks so much for sharing!

Lorena said...

Hello Jane ... thanks for sharing! I have built one very similar to yours - but I'm finding that the caps are popping off when I pull the marker out - the grid is just a tad bit too small, what size grid do you have? Mine is 1/2 inch.

You can email me directly at MailboxLorena@aol.com if you wish, I would love to share my soloutions with you :o)


Dania said...

This is amazing! And loved how I found it on Pinterest and brought me back here to you. You go girl!

Karen W said...

Jane, love your storage solution! Well done.


Brenda said...

I just had a new craft room built and was having difficulty trying to decide what to do with all my Copics and other pens. I am so glad I came across your blog via Pinterest.

~Lady B~ said...

I was curious, does the lid fit over the markers if you wanted to close the box for transport?


Jane said...

The lid for this particular box does not fit back on properly as the pens protrude too far.

If you need a portable version you would need to source a deeper box than the one I have used.

Rose said...

just found your pin on pintrest and it is just what i am looking for hubby to make me!!! thanks so much for all the info :)

am just starting out with copics but i am also finding they add up fast and need to plan storage for more ;)

Primitive Seasons said...

I just saw this post over the weekend and I got all the materials. Now I'm unclear about where you used the silicone sealant. Obviously you put it around the bottom tier of the egg crate but what holds the top tier in place? And did you put the sealant all around all four sides or only in the corners? Thanks so much for your help.


goodie girl said...

US reader. Found this online several years ago before I started copics. Made a small artbin box with ceiling light cover and out grew the contain. Started looking for your "Really Useful Box" and found them at Hobby Lobby as well as Office Depot. I did not use silicone to hold the light cover in place, I used doubled sided mounting tape from 3M. It holds very well and the light cover has not moved. As for the lid fitting, it is great. I am using a 17L box. Very happy with your design. Thank you.

Melanie Smith said...

Jane, My son and I tried to make one of these this evening and the egg crate cell size is just slightly too small. The size is 1/2" and the caps catch as well as it is hard to get the actual markers out when surrounded by the other markers. Can you suggest anything to help? My email is precious78@bellsouth.net if that is easier. Thanks so much.

Jane said...

Melanie, I've sent you an email - Note to all, if you are making a storage unit for Copic Sketch you will need 15mm x15mm egg crate (or imperial equivalent) anything smaller will not accommodate the pens.

Unknown said...

I love this idea, really smart and practical.

Please, could anyone who has tried this storage box tell me whether Spectrum Noir and Letraset Promarkers would fit in it too?

Thank you very much

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Jane this is brilliant and I am going to source all the materials . But I am having trouble understanding how you attached the top with the pencils and wire. Would it be possible for you to show some pics of how this is done. Please , pretty please xx

KiniWoman said...

Really cool! Thanks! I'm betting it wouldn't be too difficult to cut some of the squares to be rectangles to hold the wide markers too. One thing that is frustrating is that most of the copic holders doesn't work for a variety of body styles.

Kathleen said...

Great idea. Can you get a lid to fit for transport?
Kathleen Mc x

LSG Industrial & Office Products, Inc. said...

Wow this is an interesting stuff. We wish to do something like this for our office. Thanks for sharing this great idea Jane! 3m Vinyl Tapes

C said...

I bought the "eggcrate louvre" as used in suspended ceilings and found the holes are too small for the new Spectrum Noir markers. I was bummed because it really is a great idea.

Rachie said...

Hi there, I love this idea and I know its such a long shot as this blog post is from 2011. However can I ask a few questions...
Could I get better photos of what you did with the sizzix mat?
Does this fit other markers.
Thank you xx

Unknown said...

This is amazing Jane I know it was some time ago but can you remember where you got the egg crate louvre in UK as I'm struggling to find it in a 15mm size?