27 July 2015

Copic Europe creation

Hello there, here is my second post for the Copic Europe Design team
and I've opted for something with a real summery feel.

So here is Wryn from Tiddly Inks enjoying a day at the beach.

Sweet treat Wryn & Wryn Beach Bonanza - Tiddly Inks

Sand - YR30, E40, E41, E42, E50, E51, W0
Sky - B0000, B000
Brolly - E70, E71, E74, B34, B32, B60, B41, N3, N2, N1, N0
Cone - E50, E51, E41, E42
Ice cream - R30, R20, R21, R22, G0000, G000, G00, W0, W1, W2
Bucket - N0, N1, N2
Shell/Fish - BV20, V20, YR21, YR24, E11, E01, R11, R12, E31, E30, E00, YR12, E08, T0, T1, T2, N0, W0, W1, R00
Hair - E40, E42, E43, E44, R89, R83
Flowers/Sandals - E33, E37, R11, R12, W1, R00, R01, W0
Girl - E0000, E000, E00, R20, V20, B41, B45, W7

Enhanced with coloured pencils

I have had several requests to clarify what I mean by "enhanced with pencil"........

Basically colour your image as you would normally with your markers, then with colour matching pencils go over the top in areas you wish to improve.  I use this method to define shadows and highlights, add fine detail & correct areas that have been blighted by the dreaded sticky Copic issue.  
This double colouring technique works especially well with hair - I can get the minute detail of hair strands that is just not possible with markers alone on small images such as the Tiddly Ink above.

I have been using coloured pencils for yonks so I have amassed a huge collection, meaning that colour matching is not much of a problem for me - but please be aware in order for this "double colouring" to work well you need to ensure your pencils match your markers as closely as possible......or your pencil enhancement will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb!!

It also works best with pencils that hold their point, allowing you to add fine detail, but buttery enough that they blend with one another easily on top of your marker work...........and please don't forget to spray your finished piece with fixative.  Pencils do not adhere well to Copic card, it's a tad too smooth for them to key properly so I always spray my combination pieces with Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative - but if you haven't got any or can't afford to splurge on some you can always use my old school days trick.......hairspray!!

Just be careful & don't spray it too close to your work or it will affect the underlying Copic work - been there, done that, wrecked hours of work!!!

I primarily use the following pencils to enhance my Copic colouring:

 Caran D'Ache Pablo's
Caran D'Ache Luminance

and to a lesser degree
Faber Castell Polychromos 
Derwent Artist

Thanks for dropping by


Squirrel x said...

Oh Jane, hunny, I think your blog should contain a WOW warning. I have known you long enough now to be prepared but every single time I am blown away by your artwork and creativity. I adore how you breathe so much life into these characters. This one is, of course, no exception. What a little beauty she is, just waiting to step off the page. Awesome m'friend, simply awesome. Hugs xx

Laine said...

Stunning Jane. A complete delight.

Alexandra♥ said...

Your coloring are so professional Jane!! I'm in love with each and every one you post!


Amanda said...

Stunning, I wondered if you explain a bit more what you mean you have done when you say it is enhanced by pencils? thanks so much Amanda

Delphine said...

Sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!! Your colouring is just unique and the best mon amie!!! BIG hugs Delphine xx

Ann Marie Governale said...

So fabulous.. love your style of coloring these images and learn so much from your work.. she just pops off the page! Beautiful! xxx Ann Marie P.S. Would love to see a video tutorial on how you use both copics and pencils over them..maybe in the future??

Nancy Jensen said...

Wow, it's stunning! Quick question, do you spray your fixative on top of the copics BEFORE you use the pencils? I would love to see a tutorial!

Jane said...

Nancy you spray the fixative when you are finished! You don't need to fix the Copics - you use it to help seal the additional pencil work to the card as it is too smooth for the pencil to adhere to properly on its own. And as I have said you have to be careful as the fixative will affect your Copic work, follow the directions on the can and you will be fine (it will act like colourless blender if sprayed to close or too heavily)

Tracy said...

Jane, you must have the lightest coloring touch ever. Your coloring is always so seamless. No harsh lines, in fact most of the time I have to wait til I read your post to tell what you've used. You are one talented lady my friend. Hugs!

Janice W. said...

Your coloring is exquisite! I love this card so much! I am trying to color her up now because you have inspired me. WOW!! Absolutely amazing!

Donna Mosley said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! your colouring blows me away Jane.

Donna x

Denni said...

This is by far my all time favorite you've ever posted! EVER!! Something about those colors. And of course the gorgeous coloring. It just take my breath away girl - fantastic beyond compare. Did I mention that I love it?

Giggles said...

Wow your work is amazing!! I love your characters so much!
Thanks for sharing the tip about pencil crayons!

Hugs Giggles

Sassy Raggedy said...

How lovely Jane. I love your coloring. Hugs, joann

Annette said...

Amazing colouring as always Jane. Really stunning.

Debbie Olson said...

Wow, just masterful, Jane!

Bernadet said...

Wowww your card is fantastic Jane!
Your coloring amazing!!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Jane, I'm popping over from Jim's blog post, and I absolutely LOVE your work! Your coloring is exquisite and outstanding, and I love the no-line technique! This card is gorgeous, and I shall be visiting again! I can see you are a true artist! Hugs!

Irish Cherokee said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I just love your artistic work. It is some of the best I know of. The coloring is just outstanding. It is a pleasure to see mixed coloring media used. I too often use different media when coloring. the effects can be stunning. Love this card as I love just about all of your work.

Hugs and Blessings

JanR said...

Beautiful colouring! That ice cream cone looks so yummy. And the detailing on the umbrella - fantastic!

Rhea Weigand said...

OMG.....I love mixing pencils with copics But seriously, when I was on the TI team I could never get the faces right. I bow down to you!

Daydreaming to Create said...

WOW!!!! Love your work all of it!! Thank you so much for the explanation on how to use pencils and copics, I will be trying this!! Excited to see more of your work!! Cindy

Gisela said...

WOW!! Amazing coloring, it looks like the girl is going to jump off the paper. I can't stop looking at it. Would love to color like you.