2 June 2011


"Mega - Masked - Magnolia"

Oh my this was a labour of love, not to mention second attempt!

I lost count how many masks I had to make to complete this project, and yep you guessed it I'd stamped over half of the original one when I stamped before I'd masked!!!!!

and here's the staggering list of ingredients:

Magnolia Stamps:
Sitting Alva
Sitting Alf
Mini Tilda
Mini World – Flying Tilda
Edwin's Village
Fabric Roses
Santa Winter Forest
Ink Cap Mushrooms
Goblin Mushrooms
So Jolly Fungi
Mushrooms in a row
Death Cap
Copic Sketch:
BV: 0000,000,00,01,02,04
V: 17
RV: 00,21,23,25,29,91,93,95
R: 00,01,02,20,81,83
YR: 20,21,23,24,30
Y: 28
YG: 61,91,93,95,97,99
G: 0000,12,20,21,24,82,94,99
BG: 70,72,75,78,93,96,99
B: 0000,000,00,01,02,04,06,91,93,97
C: 3
T: 0,1,2,3,4,5
W: 00,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,8
Colourless Blender
Stickles glue and white gel pen

After the first disaster, I really had to concentrate so I didn't make any more bloopers - I daren't work out the hours I spent on this little beauty, but I was pretty pleased with the end result - what do you guys think?


Christine said...

Jane, your work always blows me away, but this takes the cake! I LOVE IT!!

Dorcas said...

Wow Girl! Your coloring ROCKS!!!!!! Fantabulous!!

susan said...

Oh my! This is FABULOUS! You should frame this. I would buy this and hang it up!

Lee Mae said...

I agree with Susan, this needs a nice frame and hung up! I love color but I don't have the patience to color by hand. I really admire your talent.

Shar said...

Oh Jane! Wow!!! This has to be framed. Gorgeous.


Jennifer Dove said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!! You gotta be kidding. Floored!!!!!

Dawn said...

Wow! Jane your scene is beautiful! Amazing coloring!

Jane said...

Thanks guys, it was the biggest challenge I've undertaken since painting watercolour portraits! One lapse in concentration wiped out hours of stamping, so I sort of held my breath on the second attempt praying I could finish it without any more mistakes! Would I ever tackle anything this big again, yep, sure, but I might try a digi collage next time!!!

Gramma said...

Egad! This is beyond awesome!! I can imagine how long it took and I can't imagine myself spending that much time at it... the result is absolutely gorgeous and worth it in your case!

Dania said...

Wow! Jane I have to know. What are you going to do with this creation?

Jane said...

At the moment it's sitting on my shelf in the studio, but I may well get it framed!!

Househund said...

Jane if your wondering why I've taken so long to comment it's because I'm STILL taking it all in.
The layers and Layers and layers of stamping is AMAZING.

Nicola said...

Stunning creation, I can only imagine the work that's gone into this beauty! Your colouring is out of this world and you are one uber talented lady, not to mention having the patience of a saint!
Love your work
Nicola xxx

Denni said...

Good golly girl! This is stunning. If you want to be sure it is safe, loved and worshiped just send it to my house and I promise to take good care of it! ;)
Just beautiful!

MarkerGeek said...

I think I just fell in love. :)

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Wow, this is fabulous - beautiful beautiful coloring!

Joey said...

AMAZING!!! wow wow wow.xx