23 January 2013

Lets face it!

How many of you out there have created a beautiful card using
a Magnolia stamp only for the recipient to ask....
Why does it not have a face?
Well I have and if I am honest it has led to me ignoring my Magnolia and Hanglar collections!
Magnolia/Hanglar purists please look away now!!
what do you think?

I am reasonably pleased with the results....however, I feel it is a little too early for me to produce a tutorial at present, I would like to master the technique first, but I intend to share with you how I do it in the not too distant future.
and here is a Magnolia
Although I am pleased with Tilda's face I am not so happy with either her hair or fingers.....I need to work much harder on these areas, but as they say "practice makes perfect".
This one is already calling for a re-do - so I may very well pull the image off the card and have another stab at it!!
Oh and apologies for not visiting your blogs over the last few days but I have been a little preoccupied with other things but normality should resume shortly.
It was never my intention to offend, I merely wanted to share with my readers how I had attempted to solve the one issue that had led to my Magnolia & Hanglar Stanglar collections being ignored and unused.
Ny on every time I gave a non-crafting friend or family member a card or gift with one of these characters on it I heard the same comments regarding the lack of features.
But I never expected the reaction I got from Magnolia luvvies,
some were very positive, whilst others were quite frankly downright rude.
There have also been questions raised regarding the copyright of stamped images - a grey area at the best of times.
(Please note that I have never been contacted by either Magnolia or Hanglar regarding the above pieces of work)
So I thought it prudent to withdraw my offer of a tutorial and
the stamps I am sad to say continue to gather dust!


DesignerDiva said...

OMG Jane! They are outstanding!!
Laurie x

Gram's Treasures said...

Way to go Jane! Looking forward to the tutorial.

paola said...

Yes i am one of the purist that you posted about, lol, however having said that, i havent seen anybody do a better job on adding a face to these little darlings, if i may say, i think that Tilda's eyes may be just a tad too low for her face, but i really love what you did, YOU ROCK!!!

Sara said...

Wow, I`ve seen lots of Tilda`s that people have added a little smiley face too and they look down right creepy! But you have done an amazing job! These are fantastic, Tilda looks so sweet with her new face. Can`t wait for the tutorial although I am definitely not the artist you are! hugs Sara xx

Exclusively by Mel said...

Well that is amazing, I'm not that keen on draw faces, but my word your faces are brilliant! that is very clever! the eyes are stunning!
Love,melly. xxx

AerynK Designs said...

I love them. I've had people ask where the noses were on Greeting Farm images A LOT so I know what you mean. I've always avoided Magnolia images due to "lack of face" (and my own personal feeling that they're creepy), so your faces are great. I gotta admit I like the second one better. The other has a face that's a bit too round and maybe too big for the head... if you're open to constructive criticism as you're perfecting your technique. Just wanted you to know, I like it. ;)

Gramma said...

Well, I'm speechless!

Franz♥ said...

OMG Jane! They are amazing and a little funny too! So strange with that faces!!!

Franz :*

Lorraine said...

WOW! Fantastic faces.
Lorraine x

Shawn said...

Each to their own opinion. I find them strange and the little girl sweetness has gone. The faces are too old looking. Great drawing though for other images.

Curly said...

Outstanding, the look amazing
Hae lovely evening
Hugs Bridget :0) x

Jen Leeflang said...

The faces re well drawn, and you certainly are a talented artist, but these faces are too old for the images, in my opinion. The innocence and sweetness conjured up by the 'faceless' images are lost.

Debbie Pamment said...

I admit I am a Magnolia purist and love her sweet face as it is. That being said your artistry is truly AMAZING and I have to say I think you've done a fabulous job!

Grenouille Greetings said...

Beautiful colour work, Jane! Hugs, Lesley

Eulalia said...

OMG, she is so adorable!!! I like so much your fantastic colouring: you are an incredible artist.
xoxoxo Eulalia

Regina said...
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Tracy said...

WOW that makes a huge difference Jane. You're so talented girl. Hugs!

Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

Rock on!! This is too awesome and I love them! Plus it gives me some ideas on some other faces that I'm playing around with. ;D They're *both* amazing and my favorite is the hAngler girl. It's a quinky dink I've also colored one this week, check it out if you'd like...

Joyful Tilda

Sharon said...

Agree with Jen Leeflang. Granted, you are talented, but these faces are way too creepy and old for what the Magnolia images were intended to be.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

jane you are so talented!!! you are a colouring genius :)

MarkerGeek said...

Well, colour me impressed. :) I love Tilda as she is, of course, but I know exactly what you mean regarding other (non-crafty) people's reactions to her.

Your work is amazing - will be watching with interest (as always) to see how you improve on this!

Love seeing people being creative with stamps, and doing something different.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a talent you have Jane! These are incredible! I personally don't really like the Tilda images, due to the lack of a face I think, but you really have brought them into the 'non-crafty' world! ;)
Lizy x


Wow how talented are you. They are fabulous.